The majority of foreigners require a Vietnam Visa for entering and leaving Vietnam. Those that travel to this country should know and understand the cost and conditions of a visa before they do so.

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang are 3 international airports where foreigners can enter Vietnam. They also need to obtain a Vietnam Visa before entering the country through these airports. The majority of foreigners require a Vietnam Visa for entering and leaving Vietnam. Those that travel to this country should know and understand the cost and conditions of a visa before they do so.

It is highly recommended that visitors sort out their Vietnam Visa prior their departure. It can be done by requesting the Approval Letter over the internet. You would receive the letter by e-mail and then get Visa Stamped when you arrive to Vietnam Airport. This procedure is called Vietnam Visa On Arrival or VOA (Read more about Vietnam Visa On Arrival Problems and Scams).

A VOA is not a proper visa, it is a scenario where the person obtaining the VOA hires an agent before they arrive in Vietnam to get an official letter of approval shown at the VOA counter when they land.

Single-entry visas are provided in 2 separate options: 30 days and 90 days periods. The costs is $45 USD for either time period. A multiple-entry visa for under 30 days costs $65 USD. For 30 days or more, a multiple-entry visa fee is $95 USD. If you wish your visa to be valid for 6 months or longer, then the cost would be $135 USD.

The passport will include a full visa for multiple-entry or single-entry visas. Agents will ask visitors to state their present citizenship, as this is part of the application procedure. Fees charged by VOA agents can be different. They can be as low as $9 USD, however can also be higher depending on the agent you use and visa type.

Some tour operators and travel agents provide discounted or "included" VOAs approval letter fees in order to make their services more popular and hoping that people would book more tours with them. A 3 month multiple-entry visa has some restrictions, so people must check if they can get a visa for the required dates prior to entering and leaving Vietnam.

You could get a temporary residence card which cost depends on how long you want to visit. A card is valid for up to a year and costs $80 USD. Card that is valid for more than a year and up to two years costs $100 USD. If you want to get a card that is valid for over 2 years and/or 3 years, that would cost you $120 USD. If you would like to transfer a valid visa or temporary residence from an expired passport to a new one, it costs $15 USD.

There are few countries that do not require a visa to Vietnam. Citizens of Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Laos do not require a visa for visits of up to 30 days. Citizens of the Philippines do not require a visa if visiting for up to 21 days. No visa at all is required for citizens of Japan, Russia, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland for 15 days at most.

For visits up to 90 days or several visits over six months period, citizens of France holding a valid diplomatic or official passports do not require a Vietnam Visa. Same as French, citizens of Chile have the exact same rules, except they can not have several visits over 6 months.

Citizens of Brunei require no visa if visiting for 14 days. APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) Holders from the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporations (APEC) member economies do not require a Vietnam Visa for visits of up to 60 days.

For those traveling to Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam, there are special rules. Foreigners and Vietnamese nationals carrying foreign passports will be granted Vietnam Visa exemption with the following conditions only: they must enter Vietnam through an international airport and only travel to Phu Quoc Island and remain there for not more than 15 days.

Passports must be valid for at least 45 days for travelers going to Phu Quoc Island. After arriving on the island, if visitors want to take a trip to other locations or remain on the island for more than 15 days, they must contact the immigration department who will be accountable for issuing a visa on the spot.

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